Shree Systems Inc

Featured Services

Our consulting services include Enterprise application development, High Availability applications and database servers, Data Consolidation,Application performance management, Data Centers administration and Business intelligence/data warehousing

As part of our IT consulting services we also offer Infrastructure Advisory Services. We will help you to map your business vision to the IT infrastructure necessary to bring that business vision to life

Our Solutions

How do you build a network so it is a strategic business asset from the start? How can you capitalize on emerging technologies and integrate them with your existing infrastructure to build your business?

We can help you with your e-commerce system, DVR systems, web hostings, Network optimization, Network Security, Workstation and PC optimization. Everything under a company name Shree Systems. We are the perfect leverage for your company in the IT field

"CRD has saved us over $200,
000 and expect to save more
than $1.4 Million per
maintenance contract."
John Anderson